Southeastern Association of Fire Chiefs

FireRescue GPO


About the Program

The FireRescue-GPO program works to facilitate group purchasing contracts. Members throughout the country have access to pre-Negotiated supplier contracts that offer major cost savings on capital projects and everyday purchases. FireRescue-GPO supports the activities of SEAFC through a revenue-sharing agreement. A percentage of revenue from purchases made by SEAFC members through GPO negotiated contracts is returned to state chiefs associations in order to support its activities.


This GPO Program is completely free to members. Vendors pay a fee based on total sales to support program administration.

The FireRescue-GPO program is committed to serving firefighters by:

  • Saving your Fire Department money;
  • Extending Contract benefits for personal use where allowed;
  • Providing creative solutions to sourcing problems;
  • Simplifying the purchasing process, thereby reducing costs;
  • Providing solutions in all areas of fire operation, and
  • Promoting education opportunities.


Avoid the bid! We’ve done the work for you.


Save money and avoid the bidding nightmare!


FireRescue GPO is a program of National Purchasing Partners Government Division (NPPGov), a national cooperative purchasing organization. FireRescue GPO provides your fire department and its members access to aggressively priced contracts with vendors who supply goods and services to the fire service. These contracts are often established through a competitively bid public RFP process that allows members to “piggy-back” on the contract – eliminating the need for member departments to complete an RFP process. Other contracts, negotiated for national volume pricing, are made available to individual departments of all sizes. Some contracts are also available to individual firefighters. Membership in the FireRescue GPO is completely free and without any purchasing obligations.